Forever friends of the AMRR - In memory of organisers & supporters of the Allied Ride who have crossed the bar.

Terry Bigley (Texas) Jan 2020
Thomas Chesser (UK) Aug 2019
Johnny ‘O’ Ortez (Texas) Mar 2019
Audrey K Sherman (Texas) Feb 2019
Tracy “Security” Johnson (Texas) Jan 2019
J.T. Stevens (Texas) Jan 2019
Nigel "Gus" Gawthrope (UK) Jan 2019
William "Bill O" Oertwich (Texas) Aug 2018
Sr. Cpl. Earl Jamie Givens (Texas) Jul 2018
Kat "Chatty Kat" Vickers (Texas) Nov 2016
Panhead Joe (Texas) Apr 2016
Albert "Bert" Sims (Ponca City) Nov 2013
Mark Hardin (Texas) Oct 2013
Vernon Coons (Texas) Sep 2013
Roy Pitcher (UK) Oct 2010

Please email AMRR admin staff if you would like to add a tribute on this page to an organiser or supporter who has passed away and had any connection with the Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride. We will require a photo, eulogy (written tribute) and to know which country/ride was supported.