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British pilots buried at Oakland Memorial Park Cemetery

Photo taken Feb. 1999, Terrell, Kaufman Co., TX.


After Terrell was established as a railroad town in 1873, its citizens saw the need for a community burial ground. In 1878 John R. Terrell sold 7 acres of land for use as a cemetery, and the first burials were those of Peter Meinenger and Dr. G. W. Ridgell. In 1925 the Oakland Cemetery Association was founded to provide perpetual care for the gravesites. The name Oakland Memorial Park was adopted in 1931. Among those buried here are professional artist Frank Reaugh and 20 members of the British Royal Air Force who were killed while in training at Terrell during World War II.


With the outbreak of World War II, British Royal Air Force (RAF) officials sought to train aircrews outside of England, safe from enemy attack and poor weather. In the United States six civilian flight schools dedicated themselves to instructing RAF pilots; the first, No. 1 British Flying Training School (BFTS), was located in Terrell, Texas, east of Dallas.


Most of the early British students had never been in an airplane or even driven an automobile before arriving in Texas to learn to fly. The cadets trained in the air on aerobatics, instrument flight, and night flying, while on the ground they studied navigation, meteorology, engines, and armaments–even spending time in early flight simulators. By the end of the war, more than two thousand RAF cadets had trained at Terrell, cementing relations between Great Britain and the United States and forming lasting bonds with the citizens of Terrell.



Mollett, Richard Douglas 06 Jun 1917 30 Nov 1941
Ibbs, William Lewis 03 Jan 1921 18 Jan 1942
Hanson, George Irvine 15 Feb 1921 21 Jan 1942
Berry, Raymond Alan 28 Dec 1922 07 Feb 1942
Blower, Leonard G. 26 Jun 1920 07 Feb 1942
Atkins, Aubrey Richard 07 May 1917 14 Feb 1942
Craig, James 09 Dec 1922 28 May 1942
Harris, Geoffrey Mark 18 May 1921 17 Sep 1942
Gadd, Allan Samuel 20 Sep 1921 27 Oct 1942
Travers, Thomas 10 Sep 1911 27 Oct 1942
Langston, Alan R. 21 Aug 1923 01 Feb 1943
Cockman, Vincent Henry 02 Jul 1922 20 Feb 1943
Frostick, Frank R. W. 04 Sep 1920 20 Feb 1943
Hosier, Michael John 31 Aug 1923 20 Feb 1943
Jensen, Maurice Leslie 14 Aug 1923 20 Feb 1943
Coaster, Kenneth William 16 Dec 1923 17 Sep 1943
Williamson, Maurine Wm A. 09 Jun 1923 27 Nov 1943
Slocock, H. Gilbert 02 Feb 1925 07 Feb 1945
Beedie, Thomas Sim 31 Jan 1920 03 Sep 1945
Botcher, Raymond Brinley 25 Jun 1920 03 Sep 1945