Andy Campion (UK Press Officer/Media)

Andy Campion

Hello. I’m Andy Campion although I seem to have gained a handle in the RBLR as Sticker Man. (it’s a long story) I am local to the ride having ended my time after 27 years in the Royal Air Force living in Cambridgeshire. I am a Kawasaki fan at heart owing an ER650, Z900 and W800. Sometimes it can be just the look or colour of a bike that makes me turn my head and stare, not just the noise or how fast it will go and that’s what Kawasaki’s do best. I am also a believer in garagology. This the belief that the bigger the garage the more bikes should be owned!

I joined the RBLR some years ago at a local event as I wanted to get more out of my interest of biking. I chose them mainly due to the type of things they did and the way that they support the service personnel, those both serving and those that have served. I also enjoyed meeting others who seem to have that particular service type of humour. I particularly like that I can come and attend or help at events and at the same time help to raise funds with no pressure. .

I never really realised what the British Legion did whilst I was in the mob but now I really appreciate the way they help look after people and what more their families.

I have attended a wide variety of events to support the Riders, rattled tins to raise funds, sold poppies, ran raffle events, given out stickers (yes you guessed it) and I somehow volunteered my services to come and help marshal this event, although one year I did fall off and break my wrist in the process. Recently I seem to be getting more involved, especially helping organise and advertise the event wherever and however I can. For my sins they have promoted me to Press Officer.

I am always appreciative of all the other people who come along and help and to all those from across the biking fraternity who show their support and gratitude for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. You only have to walk into Madingley and see the memorials to appreciate what those men and women gave in the name of freedom. The fact that people across several continents coming together showing their appreciation on the same day makes this a truly remarkable event unlike any other.

Its only as you get older you realise you are not immortal. Those recorded at these memorials across the world did not get the chance. They travelled to distant lands with a cause and determination and sadly never came back. We have got to remember their sacrifice.