Simon Allen (Si)  (UK Lead Organiser)

Si AllenEx REME WO2 (CSM), 24 year veteran having left the service in 2014.

I first rode the AMRR in 2011 to take part in an unusual event, as a new member of the RBLR at the time I had never been on a mass ride out.

450 bikes of all styles and makes, trikes, scooters and some vintage under police escort through the University city of Cambridge to the only American War Cemetery of its kind in the UK, all on a gloriously sunny day, “I was hooked”. Waving to the bystanders on the bridges and streets, riding through red lights, letting the straight pipes bark to amuse me and the kids watching, a different ride and spectacle to popping over to the coast for fish and chips.

The service is for me a private moment in a very public arena, reinforcing the driving ethos of the Legion, it will be a different thing for all who attend to pay respects and show solidarity.

I chose to top the day off with a Burger and libation at the Horseshoes before heading home.

So this became an annual event for me and soon involved the other half as pillion, both of us stepping into the organisation of the event as Marshalls, just helping out some friends (as you do). Now with the continued assistance from the Cambridgeshire Police, Xtra, RBLR members, I am privileged to run the event and every year I am humbled by the support given and attendance at the ride.

“Come and experience it, there's not another like it”