Trev Eves (UK Head Marshal/UK Organiser)

Trev EvesEx-RN CPO 22-year Veteran (and 2 years as a Pte in the MPGS!).

I’ve been riding bikes, like many of us, since I shouldn’t have been, ragging an old Honda Cub around a muddy field as a kid (falling off a lot) – you know the story.

I first rode in the AMRR when it was called the AWC, I think there were about 70 of us (which we thought was a great turnout). To see what we’ve grown to now is amazing.

I’ve been helping where I can ever since, mostly as “Mr NCP” on the day and parking up all the bikes with my son and others, under Sue’s excellent leadership of the Marshals Team. It has a little daunting to take up the flag in her place (last year was a bit of a learning curve for me) but we have a fantastic group organising behind the scenes and the greatest Marshals who turn up every year and do their best to make sure your experience is as smooth and organised as possible on the day.

Ride Safe, Remember and Enjoy.