Jon "Dino" Sore  (Webmaster/Online Registration)

dinoHi, my name is Jon Sore although everybody knows me as Dino (pronounced deano!). I work and live in London with my clan. As a family, we enjoy bikes and the biking community as two out of three of my children also own and ride bikes.  I joined the RBLR in 2008 and this will be my eleventh year running the AMRR although I have now taken a step back from the frontline and passed the UK organisation over to Si.

I was a serving member of the Armed Forces having received the Queen's shilling for the best part of 38 years, having been 'press ganged' in 1980!. I have seen active service in the Falklands, the Gulf and Northern Ireland over the years but due to a serious motorcycle accident in 2007, I have been confined to a desk job! I ride a Bandit 1200S and also own a Marauder 800, Zypher 750, CBR 600 and Jawa 350 classic.

I offered my assistance to Bob and Norman for the first AMRR (formerly known as AWC2009) and somehow won the title of 'The Third Wheel'!

I have many reasons for wanting to take part in this ride; primarely to express my gratitude and give remembrance to all those that paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy today. I also like to think that I'm riding as a representative for the majority of decent people in this country to show our American cousins along with our Canadian and New Zealand brothers & sisters that we continue to remember and that we do care about those that have fallen in pursuit of freedom. Last but not least, I use this ride to remember and pay respect to our own troops and those of all our allies past and present that have, and continue, to lay down their lives.

Ride safe,